GDPR Considerations Involving Data Breaches

Data breaches involving the exposure of sensitive personal information have been increasing at an alarming rate. In the United States alone, Statista, an on-line statistics portal, reported 1579 data breaches with 179 million records exposed during 2017, a 44% increase from the previous year. To ramp up protection for its 750 million citizens, the European… Read More »

Beyond Data Privacy Risks – the Growing e-Waste Problem

2/15/19  Beyond Data Privacy Risks – the Growing e-Waste Problem Before you allow your IT staff to toss out or start dismantling unwanted, broken and obsolete electronic equipment, also known as e-waste, please be aware of the health and environmental risks associated with certain internal components. Now your staff might think, “There’s no way our… Read More »

Leave No Confidential Data Trace!

12/21/18 Leave No Confidential Data Trace! We live in an age when improperly disposing of old IT assets can lead to serious business consequences, especially if confidential employee and customer information falls into the hands of data hackers. Unfortunately, most companies focus on the purchase and maintenance phases of the IT life cycle, leaving the… Read More »

ITAD customer service – The good, the bad and the ugly

6/9/2018  Any consumer will tell you that great customer service is one of the top qualities that they look for when choosing a business to work with, no matter what industry it’s in. That’s because top-notch customer service is the key to a successful professional relationship. At Castaway Technologies, we realize that there’s a lot… Read More »

The Perfect Storm: e-Waste recycling costs skyrocket!

11/2/2015 The Perfect Storm: e-Waste recycling costs skyrocket! The e-waste industry, or as others refer to it as the e-scrap or electronics recycling, appears to be sliding into the danger zone and many industry experts agree…it’s a perfect storm and it is causing recycling costs to skyrocket! In other words, the good-old days of getting… Read More »

Castaway Technologies Appoints Brian Sifferlen as Chief Financial Officer

01/05/2015 Seasoned Banking and Technology Industry Executive Brings Finance and Operations Experience to Help Advance Castaway Technologies in Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) Industry Methuen, MA — 01/05/15 — Castaway Technologies LLC today announced that it has appointed Brian Sifferlen as chief financial officer, effective January 5. Mr. Sifferlen will report to Castaway Technologies president Cameron Deery. “Brian’s extensive experience in… Read More »

Gold and the rising costs of e-waste recycling

Gold and the rising costs of e-waste recycling A major reason the recycling of old electronics, i.e. e-waste recycling, has become such a large and rapidly growing industry is due to the amount of precious metals used in manufacturing electronics. As the commodities market skyrocketed over the past 6-7 years it attracted a lot of… Read More »