Electronic Data Disposal: Sanitize or Destroy?

By Castaway Tech | May 15, 2019

Long gone are the days when your IT staff smashed electronic devices in the parking lot and tossed the refuse into the dumpster. Data thieves and the legal and financial ramifications of sensitive data breaches make self-disposal a dangerous option.

Responsible businesses take data security seriously and partner with an IT asset disposition (ITAD) firm for proper data destruction. Some opt to use sanitization software to erase the data while others choose the route of total physical destruction. The ultimate decision is determined by the client company and its electronic data compliance protocol.

The Growing Complexity of E-Waste

The exponential increase in the turnover of electronic equipment has created a serious global e-waste challenge. Equipment is being disposed of faster than the scrap industry can handle the hazardous materials. This has forced many companies to reconsider their corporate disposal standards, specifically the total destruction option. With fewer entities willing to take the crushed and shredded items because of the complicated logistics of handling the toxic materials within, companies must find a more viable solution. The question remains for them, “If we don’t physically destroy all of the equipment, how do we verify that our sensitive data will be protected?”

This is where companies like Castaway Technologies come into play. Our proprietary chain-of-custody process, labeled “CastTRAC,” provides auditable confirmation that every drive received has been properly handled and the data successfully sanitized. This type of serialized accountability allows us to focus on protecting our clients’ data-sensitive equipment according to the highest industry standards with minimal environmental impact.

If companies want to avoid the environmental stigma and potential liabilities that can accompany electronic waste destruction, they must look for efficient ways to recycle, reuse and even resell electronic components.

Data Sanitization Software

Recent innovations in data sanitization software have made the options to recycle and reuse hard drives much safer and more attractive to many companies. Off-site sanitization saves time, reduces costs and offers in-depth accountability that satisfies all legal obligations. Not to mention, hazardous scrap is diverted from landfills and precious metals and elements are able to be recycled. Overall, this option provides stronger chain-of-custody oversight and minimizes costs for ITAD providers, who can pass those savings along to clients like you.

Asset Disposition with Castaway

Typically, your IT professional meets with our ITAD team members for an in-depth discussion about electronic asset disposal. We’ll go over the available options based on your company’s compliance, security, environmental and legal standards. Often, clients rely on us for advice and recommendations which we provide after carefully investigating their unique situations. Many of our clients find comfort in knowing they have a custom-designed disposition solution that specifically addresses each of their needs.

Sometimes clients are hesitant to choose sanitization, believing it isn’t totally secure. Once they understand that we perform the service in our state-of-the-art sanitization lab with multiple levels of verification, certified chain-of-custody documentation and adherence to the National Association for Information Destruction’s best practices, they feel more confident choosing sanitization.

Once completed, you’ll receive a full audit report and a certification of sanitization. At the end of this process, your company will have reduced its environmental footprint, and like all of Castaway’s clients, you can rest assured that we strictly adhere to NAID, HIPAA, NIST 800-88 rev 1, DoD 5220.22-M, R2:2013, and e-Stewards compliance requirements.

In many cases, you may also be able to recover value from your quality used IT assets, and Castaway offers leading expertise in this “aftermarket” space.

To Destroy or Not to Destroy? Find out now!

If you’d like to discuss your asset disposition needs and our value recovery program, please contact one of our friendly ITAD specialists online or call us at (978) 208-4730.

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