IT Asset Tracking and Complete Chain-of-Custody Records

The Critical Need for IT Asset Tracking In the digital age, businesses rely heavily on information technology (IT) assets to drive their operations efficiently. As technology advances and devices become “obsolete” at a faster and faster rate, the need for proper IT asset disposition (ITAD) is paramount. Organizations must ensure the secure disposal of retired… Read More »

Always Remember the Device Management Removal Process!

Device Management Removal saves money, time, and the environment. In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are increasingly opting for remote device management services to monitor, control, and secure the IT equipment they provide to their employees. While these services offer numerous benefits during the lifecycle of the devices, an often overlooked aspect is the proper… Read More »

How the ITAD Industry Supports Business and the Planet

Think of how long your computer hardware lasts compared with how quickly new technologies and features incentivize replacement. The fact is that billions of dollars’ worth of quality electronic equipment that still works fine gets replaced every year throughout the country. Some gets resold, some gets recycled, and some gets disposed of without secure data… Read More »

Heed the Warnings of ITAD Noncompliance Headlines

  The headlines say it all – more and more companies are getting penalized for improper disposal of IT equipment and electronic assets, exposing private data and files for potential bad actors to exploit. Here are a few recent cases that illustrate the trouble companies find themselves in: A leading healthcare company was hit with… Read More »

Buying, Selling, or Discarding Computers? What You Need to Know

Gone are the days of disposing old used IT equipment in the trash or giving it away, and then buying brand-new equipment with all the latest bells and whistles. These days, disposal of equipment can be risky and expensive – even if you recycle and believe you are complying with the numerous disposal regulations. Many… Read More »

Refurbishing – A Crucial Option in IT Hardware Recycling

What to do with aging IT equipment has always been a problem. Simply disposing of it in the trash is not a solution. Embedded toxic materials make it dangerous to the environment. Over the years, companies have had to comply with more and more stringent disposal regulations, requiring comprehensive documentation and audits along with the… Read More »

Understanding Particle Size and Media Destruction

Understandably, most organizations today want to do the right thing when destroying discarded media where there is recorded personal and competitive information. It’s also understandable that their initial focus is determining the appropriate particle size for the media they wish to destroy. Unfortunately, when searching for data destruction guidance online, the only information available often… Read More »

Simplifying Technology Asset Changes after the COVID Disruption

As we all know, the COVID pandemic has caused huge changes to corporate America, from how we work to how we manage supply-chain disruptions. Companies have consolidated space and shifted employees to remote operations. This created a significant paradigm shift in standard IT asset management processes. IT assets that are no longer used must be… Read More »

Optimize IT Asset Disposition for Lower Risk and Higher ROI

    Supply chain shortages, COVID staff disruptions, and record inflation are making it more difficult to manage business continuity. However, one area that’s not always on the C-suite’s radar could help improve your 2022 bottom line by avoiding costly penalties for legal and environmental exposures associated with discarding your company’s aging electronic assets. Having… Read More »