Announcing Castaway’s Cast-in-Box Service!

Secure IT Asset Disposition and Electronics Recycling Now Convenient from Anywhere! In this era of change brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, employees working from home with company-owned and personal IT assets bring more challenges to secure data destruction, hardware recycling and disposal. When the vast majority of people worked at company sites, gathering and… Read More »

Your ITAD Safety and Compliance Continue to be Essential

Data and Hardware Security – Now More than Ever! As we work our way through the pandemic crisis, one thing is certain: IT Asset maintenance and disposition remains critical to our IT security infrastructure. ITAD requirements are not going away. They remain essential to data security and safety compliance for virtually all organizations. The operations… Read More »


Castaway Technologies remains open for business and fully operational. We play an important role in the IT and data center critical infrastructure supply chain and are working hard to maintain full service for our clients. Castaway adheres to all government regulations and public health guidelines to facilitate appropriate social distancing and protection for our employees… Read More »

Securing IT Hardware Assets – An Opportunity for MSPs

Differentiation in Managed IT Service Businesses Companies – whether small, medium, or large – are experiencing continuous pressure for change in computing resources. Software is changing from proprietary solutions to open source, and hardware architecture is rapidly moving to the cloud for convenience and performance. C-level executives are looking for ways to remain competitive while… Read More »

Good Questions to Ask about Data Destruction

Every day the media publishes stories about companies whose data resources are hacked, resulting in loss or theft of private, corporate and personal data. While many of these incidents involve people using online computer devices with all sorts of security technology, hardware, software and processes in place, they also involve organizations and municipalities whose hardware… Read More »

Castaway Technologies Earns NAID® AAA Certification for Data Destruction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Castaway Technologies Earns NAID® AAA Certification for Data Destruction Methuen, Massachusetts – September 3, 2019:  Castaway Technologies has been granted AAA Certification by NAID® – National Association for Information Destruction. As the only true watchdog association that thoroughly audits data destruction providers worldwide, NAID® is a division of the International Secure Information… Read More »

Managing Your IT and Data Center Assets’ End-of-Life

  Your IT equipment ages while new technologies and performance features are introduced to the marketplace. As an IT or Data Center Manager, you are faced with how to effectively manage these end-of-life (EOL) assets. There is inherent or assumed value in used equipment because of marketplaces like eBay and Amazon or outdated, misperceived values… Read More »

Information Technology Control from Infancy to Retirement

Until recently, electronic equipment has been leading two separate IT lives. When functioning and managed by a vendor company, it’s known as “managed services” or “IT Service Management” (ITSM). When the equipment is replaced, disposed of or taken offline by a company, it’s called IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). Simply stated, ITSM manages and services current… Read More »

Electronic Data Disposal: Sanitize or Destroy?

Long gone are the days when your IT staff smashed electronic devices in the parking lot and tossed the refuse into the dumpster. Data thieves and the legal and financial ramifications of sensitive data breaches make self-disposal a dangerous option. Responsible businesses take data security seriously and partner with an IT asset disposition (ITAD) firm… Read More »

China’s National Sword Guts Global Recycling

4/17/19 China’s National Sword Guts Global Recycling Recycling across the material spectrum has become second nature to individuals and businesses. Every week, individuals and businesses toss paper, metals, plastics and glass into recycling bins or have e-waste such as computers and phones hauled to e-cyclers believing it will be transformed into something new. We do… Read More »