E-Waste Recycling

Our sustainable solutions help your company practice environmentally-responsible recycling of offline technologies.

Castaway’s certified green solutions allow your company to responsibly recycle your retired, obsolete and defective technologies. Our strict adherence to the proper, environmentally-safe disposition of IT assets ensures zero landfill recycling and the safe and secure resale or recycling of devices. Castaway facilitates R2 certified vendor and e-Stewards solutions for the most environmentally-friendly electronics recycling practices.

While putting into perspective the enormity of the world’s recycling challenges, the article available at the following link offers highly informative information for individuals and businesses on recycling. Click for The Every Day Guide to Recycling… 

Today’s environmentally-conscious communities are growing and expect companies around the world to adhere to proper e-waste disposal laws and regulations. Count your company in as environmentally-friendly and responsible with Castaway’s modern and green IT asset disposition practices.

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