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How the ITAD Industry Supports Business and the Planet

Think of how long your computer hardware lasts compared with how quickly new technologies and features incentivize replacement. The fact is that billions of dollars’ worth of quality electronic equipment that still works fine gets replaced every year throughout the country. Some gets resold, some gets recycled, and some gets disposed of without secure data… Read More »

Simplifying Technology Asset Changes after the COVID Disruption

As we all know, the COVID pandemic has caused huge changes to corporate America, from how we work to how we manage supply-chain disruptions. Companies have consolidated space and shifted employees to remote operations. This created a significant paradigm shift in standard IT asset management processes. IT assets that are no longer used must be… Read More »

Optimize IT Asset Disposition for Lower Risk and Higher ROI

    Supply chain shortages, COVID staff disruptions, and record inflation are making it more difficult to manage business continuity. However, one area that’s not always on the C-suite’s radar could help improve your 2022 bottom line by avoiding costly penalties for legal and environmental exposures associated with discarding your company’s aging electronic assets. Having… Read More »

Securing IT Hardware Assets – An Opportunity for MSPs

Differentiation in Managed IT Service Businesses Companies – whether small, medium, or large – are experiencing continuous pressure for change in computing resources. Software is changing from proprietary solutions to open source, and hardware architecture is rapidly moving to the cloud for convenience and performance. C-level executives are looking for ways to remain competitive while… Read More »

Managing Your IT and Data Center Assets’ End-of-Life

  Your IT equipment ages while new technologies and performance features are introduced to the marketplace. As an IT or Data Center Manager, you are faced with how to effectively manage these end-of-life (EOL) assets. There is inherent or assumed value in used equipment because of marketplaces like eBay and Amazon or outdated, misperceived values… Read More »

Information Technology Control from Infancy to Retirement

Until recently, electronic equipment has been leading two separate IT lives. When functioning and managed by a vendor company, it’s known as “managed services” or “IT Service Management” (ITSM). When the equipment is replaced, disposed of or taken offline by a company, it’s called IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). Simply stated, ITSM manages and services current… Read More »