Your ITAD Safety and Compliance Continue to be Essential

By Castaway Tech | May 15, 2020

Data and Hardware Security – Now More than Ever!

As we work our way through the pandemic crisis, one thing is certain: IT Asset maintenance and disposition remains critical to our IT security infrastructure. ITAD requirements are not going away. They remain essential to data security and safety compliance for virtually all organizations. The operations of our country’s SMBs and corporate enterprises depend on it. But how can business stakeholders continue to follow proper ITAD procedures with downsized staffs and uncertain revenue streams? The solution is to secure your assets safely now while planning for the future.

Why is ITAD Critical Right Now?

“The global Covid-19 health crisis has affected all of us. One of the impacts we see with most of our customers is a very sudden shift to remote work, regardless of the organizational and infrastructural readiness. We realize this is imposing significant pressure on IT departments around the globe”, noted Lansweeper.

The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (ITAM) recently noted, “If you’re sending employees home to work in response to the Coronavirus, then you need an IT Asset Disposition service or partner to provide you with an efficient and sustainable plan.” You will need help with work-from-home resources and supply chain interruptions. In both these cases, managing the logistics for continued productivity are core competencies for ITAD professionals.

Corporate strategic plans need to change. Wistek comments, “Most large organizations will have pandemics or ‘Acts of God’ on their risk registers, yet the chances that they have an off-the-shelf action plan which will facilitate the immediate working from home for nearly all employees is unlikely.” No matter the size of your business, you should work with an ITAD professional who can help you secure your IT assets whether you are furnishing your employees with remote devices or protecting your onsite hardware and networks.

Use a Certified ITAD Service Provider

Castaway Technologies has been designated an “essential” service provider and holds the highest industry credentials – NAID AAA Certification. We are part of the critical IT infrastructure, remain open for business and are fully operational while following new health and safety protocols. We take this important role in the IT critical infrastructure supply chain very seriously and are working hard to maintain full service for our clients.

Always looking ahead, we have been prepared for a major disruption like this pandemic because we give priority to our ability to adapt, respond and always follow the latest best practices.

Our staff is qualified, trained and ready to perform services on- or off-site for you. We follow federal and state guidelines, including social distancing, surface sanitation, personal mitigation measures and health monitoring, as well as implementing new protocols and safeguards at client premises. We are flexible to address any of your concerns and will comply with special requirements asked of us to maintain safe work practices. Wherever possible, we are using technology to communicate in real-time with our entire team.

New Facilities for Improved Logistics

As previously announced, in order to improve logistics and our ability to respond to your ITAD service needs, we recently moved to a renovated facility at 637 Andover Street, Lawrence, MA. Being right off Interstate 93 on the main road going into Lawrence, this location provides secure space for additional growth and easier access for our customers, vendors and staff.

If you have questions about your ITAD services during this pandemic and through the recovery, or would like help with strategic planning for post-pandemic ITAD best practices, give us a call to review and improve your systems and processes at (978) 208-4730.

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