Process Management

Transform your ITAD process to increase your productivity and ROI, while reducing risk.

Do you appreciate the consultative expert’s approach from your key service providers? As a leading ITAD specialist, Castaway provides process management services that work to restructure and streamline the removal or repurposing of old, data-bearing assets.

CastTRAC, our own chain-of-custody process, helps companies ensure the responsible protection, handling, and disposal of assets in adherence to industry compliance standards such as NAID, NIST 880-88 rev. 1, DOD 5520.22-M, R2:2013 and e-Stewards.

From a generic or transactional standpoint, ITAD services may seem like another cost of doing business for which you should shop around for the lowest prices. Unfortunately, ITAD is an increasingly complex service category as environmental rules tighten and global recycling options rapidly diminish. China’s National Sword policy and lower values on recycled materials make safe and legal disposal a growing challenge. The exposure to data breaches and theft grow riskier and hackers and thieves become ever more sophisticated and resourceful.

Simply stated, today you need a trusted, professional partner to implement your ITAD process and keep your company fully compliant at the local, state, national and even global level. Our commitment to continuous improvement and ITAD industry leadership delivers increased efficiencies both internally, externally and downstream for all our clients.

Castaway Technologies has spent over 12 years building our physical infrastructure, industry expertise, consultative approach, and continuous improvement culture. Now our fine-tuned processes provide optimal data sanitation, destruction and e-cycling efficiencies for our clients. If you need an industry expert that spends most of their waking hours concentrated on helping businesses run better through smarter ITAD solutions, we invite you to open a dialog with us. We will listen to you and listen closely! Our mutual goal will be your ideally customized, managed ITAD solution.

Process Management benefits include:

  • Standard or custom solutions program
  • Build and enhance IT asset handling process
  • Adherence to compliance standards
  • Value recovery that lowers TCO
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved ROI and lower cost of ownership
  • Reduced risk and brand exposure

We want to enhance your IT asset handling process and value recovery outcome through our proven closed-loop process that has eased the minds of all of our clients, big and small. CastTRAC’s standard for custom process management solutions allows us to customize or recommend an ITAD program that suits your needs, now and in the future.

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