Announcing Castaway’s Cast-in-Box Service!

By Castaway Tech | June 22, 2020

Secure IT Asset Disposition and Electronics Recycling Now Convenient from Anywhere!

In this era of change brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, employees working from home with company-owned and personal IT assets bring more challenges to secure data destruction, hardware recycling and disposal. When the vast majority of people worked at company sites, gathering and keeping electronics in one secure location for pick-up by ITAD vendors and recyclers was simple. The situation drastically changed over the course of one month – March 2020 – and now we find ourselves in a different working world.

Fully Secure Remote ITAD Service

Just how do you provide a secure way for all these people spread around your state or the whole country to remove and safely dispose of desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and other data carrying devices? For Castaway Technologies, it’s to ship and deliver specially designed and digitally tracked box containers to clients for simple, easy disposal.

You, your staff and any remote employees just cast their retired devices into specially supplied recycling containers and securely ship them back to our Massachusetts facilities for fully certified and documented processing. Our new service covers all 50 states!

Castaway’s innovative Cast-in-Box program greatly simplifies comprehensive ITAD services in the age of social distancing and working from home. All electronics & IT assets are collected and shipped back easily and safely. All data is securely destroyed and all materials are properly recycled. We offer over a dozen different flat rate box/container sizes depending on your specific needs, shipped flat and complete with a paid return mailing label.

Easy as Using a Hopper

What’s easier than tossing something away and forgetting about it? Not much, and that’s how easy we’ve made Cast-in-Box for our clients! We supply the right-sized shipping containers to your facilities or the homes of remote employees. All your people do is fill the box with disposable/recyclable electronics, apply the pre-paid supplied shipping label and send it back to us via UPS or USPS. It’s that simple. Just cast it in a box and we’ll do the rest!

Safe, Secure and Tracked

As always, you’ll receive fully certified data destruction documentation for the contents of every Cast-in-Box container you send back for processing. As a NAID AAA certified ITAD provider, you can be assured of the security and safety of our program. It’s fully transparent, trackable and documented for your organization’s protection.

Do you need Cast-in-Box boxes to make your electronics recycling easier?

For details about this convenient service or to order boxes, please call Jay Marchand at (978) 208-4730 or contact us online.

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