How the ITAD Industry Supports Business and the Planet

By Castaway Tech | January 9, 2023

Think of how long your computer hardware lasts compared with how quickly new technologies and features incentivize replacement. The fact is that billions of dollars’ worth of quality electronic equipment that still works fine gets replaced every year throughout the country. Some gets resold, some gets recycled, and some gets disposed of without secure data destruction and proper handling of hazardous materials.

While this may be wasteful and dangerous, it is routinely done by enterprise and big businesses, largely because of the perceived need to stay competitive with the latest technology and save on disposal costs. And while new equipment offers additional features and benefits, the discarded equipment can still offer premium functionality to other users.

The Secondary Technology Market

While replacing hardware may pose safe disposal challenges, opportunities abound in a secondary technology market where growing companies can take advantage of quality used electronics. Some Value Added Resellers (VARs) have caught on to this in recent years and are now offering refurbished equipment to their customers as a viable alternative.

Refurbished hardware with software upgrades provides as much productivity improvement for one group of users as brand new equipment does for another group. The ITAD industry has evolved to provide economically and ecologically sound solutions to solve the electronics disposal and recycling issues.

Reselling and repurposing reduces the environmental damage of mining for precious metals and other materials used in manufacturing, as well as the impact on landfills.

Economic and Environmental Win-Win

NAID AAA certification verifies that a service provider meets stringent qualifications for secure information destruction. Working with a NAID AAA Certified® ITAD specialist like Castaway Technologies bolsters your operational efficiency, data safety and bottom line.

First, you virtually eliminate your exposure to costly noncompliance litigation. You have verifiable documentation of proper data sanitization, data destruction and disposition of all offline and retired electronic equipment. Secondly, you have the opportunity to recover remaining value in the equipment after sanitization and refurbishment services are performed. And finally, your people will always be working with high-quality, modern technology.

If you have aging computer equipment to replace, working with an ITAD specialist that handles all your electronics at its end-of-life stage keeps your data safe, optimizes hardware usage and maximizes ROI.

Let’s take a moment to summarize the benefits of choosing a NAID AAA Certified® ITAD vendor to handle your offline and retired electronics:

  • Secure/Sanitize offline data
  • Legally compliant
  • Maximize equipment value
  • Cleaner environment
  • Better equipment
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower equipment costs
  • Peace of mind

Of course, there must be some downsides to this ITAD process, right?

Yes, there is one downside (sort of). Maximizing value in your company’s technology investments requires a commitment to making a few initial changes rather than simply doing things the same old way. But if you enjoy the excitement of discovering greater efficiencies and safer practices for your business, you may want to have a conversation with us about securing your offline assets, recovering value, and being a greener business. Call for more information at (978) 208-4730.

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