Simplifying Technology Asset Changes after the COVID Disruption

By Castaway Tech | February 18, 2022

As we all know, the COVID pandemic has caused huge changes to corporate America, from how we work to how we manage supply-chain disruptions. Companies have consolidated space and shifted employees to remote operations. This created a significant paradigm shift in standard IT asset management processes. IT assets that are no longer used must be safely disposed of and new assets must be quickly deployed to those workers, many in remote locations. All this activity must be done efficiently to limit costs and confusion.

Pre-COVID Assets and Processes – No Longer Valid

Many of the IT assets purchased prior to COVID no longer meet company requirements. They were configured for onsite work, such as desktop computers, printers, and servers with wired connections. Remote offices have become prevalent requiring new technologies for users who are no longer onsite, connecting via VPN to internal networks, and requiring greater bandwidth for online meetings. ( reported, “85% of managers believe that having teams with remote workers will become the new norm.”)

The economic turmoil of post-COVID has created a rapid turnover of employees; those arriving as new hires and those leaving to find greener pastures. All this activity has required companies to ship worker equipment to and from remote locations instead of simply being installed in cubicles at one company site. “In the U.S., 17 percent more parcels were shipped in 2019 than in 2018. Between 2019 and 2020, that increase was 37 percent.” (Statista)

The Right Post-COVID Solution

The solution is to find a simple, safe, and secure process where you can:

  • Retrieve older and unused electronic equipment from company sites and remote employee locations
  • Reconfigure usable equipment and dispose of obsolete equipment following compliance regulations to optimize the return on that equipment
  • Manage remote deployment and retrieval of equipment for new hires and employee turnover
  • Provide onboarding, maintenance, and equipment support for remote workers

True ITAD professionals understand electronics disposal and recycling regulations as well as the processes by which used equipment can be efficiently redeployed. As a NAID AAA Certified organization, Castaway can help you implement national compliant programs to keep all of your offline hardware secure or dispossessed safely and cost-effectively, whether onsite or remotely.

For example, if you are working remotely, Castaway’s Cast-in-Box service provides a simple process for shipping back your equipment for safe disposal. All you do is order your specialized shipping boxes, place your electronic recyclables in the box, and ship it using the prepaid shipping label. All data is securely destroyed, and all materials are properly recycled. You’ll receive fully certified and compliant documentation accounting for every item.

Medium and large organizations can benefit from Castaway’s sister company solution* that incorporates a rapid IT hardware purchasing system with e-cycling to easily manage equipment for new hires and employee turnover.

The process is simple:

  1. Issue equipment to new remote hire
  2. On-board employee
  3. Maintain employee’s equipment and uptime
  4. Provide employee-turnover assistance in returning equipment
  5. Reset and redeploy equipment

For further information about safe, remote IT asset management solutions, contact us online or just give us a call at (978) 208-4730.

*Lastly, we invite you to visit our sister company at the link: TechWORX Remote Solutions.

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