IT Asset Disposition

We provide complete ITAD solutions that safeguard our clients’ retired IT assets.

Castaway specializes in strategic solutions to plan and develop IT asset disposition (ITAD) programs that enable businesses to mitigate the risks involved with the secure handling of retired IT equipment and devices as well as the destruction of confidential data. We securely sanitize used equipment of all sensitive data and safely destroy or facilitate proper recycling of all hardware.

Focused on a closed-loop process, our proprietary CastTRAC program enables the successful disposal or repurposing of a company’s asset-bearing technologies through the protection of data; compliance with laws and regulations and recovery of costs from equipment, components, and materials.

ITAD Process flowchart

Simplified ITAD Process

IT Asset Disposition services include:

  • On-site packaging and removal of technology hardware and accessories
  • Audit of hardware assets and data-bearing technologies
  • Planning and management of the IT asset retirement process
  • Data destruction, reporting and certification
  • Chain-of-custody tracking of hard drives and other media
  • Data sanitization on-site and off-site
  • Technology recycling – aka e-cycling
  • Value recovery assessment
  • Risk reduction protocols
  • Standards compliance – NAID, NIST, HIPAA, DoD, Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA and others
  • Secure, white-glove, closed-loop process
  • 3PL/TPL third-party logistics
  • Facilitated R2 and e-Stewards certified e-waste solutions

We understand the end of the IT lifecycle process can be overwhelming, which is why Castaway is dedicated to streamlining the process for our customers with our CastTRAC program. From end to end, we provide the most complete ITAD processes that are fully tracked and audited. Let us focus on the best disposition solutions for your IT assets and data centers, so you can focus on the success of your business!

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