Data Destruction

Dedicated to safe and secure data destruction services that protect your greatest asset – your business.

Castaway focuses on the protection and safe destruction of all confidential, proprietary and personally identifiable information (PII) associated with IT assets that have reached the end of the IT lifecycle.

With data protection being of the utmost importance, CastTRAC makes it a priority to ensure all IT assets are accounted for, data is eradicated, risks are mitigated and compliance standards are met. In the event of a breach or audit, CastTRAC provides 3rd party validation, detailed records and industry certifications.

CastTRAC – Chain of Custody Process

ITAD Process flowchart

Simplified ITAD Process

Most businesses focus on the initial phases of the IT lifecycle and neglect to address the final phases of retirement and disposition of IT assets, specifically those containing data storage media. This is why Castaway developed CastTRAC, a streamlined chain-of-custody process that addresses all of your end of IT lifecycle needs.

Protecting data privacy is a strategic, enterprise-wide priority. Failure to comply with industry regulations can result in significant disruptions and penalties to your business and may cause irreparable harm to your brand. For business owners and officers, failure to comply with regulations can result in financial penalties and even incarceration.

Businesses must have procedures in place to protect data, demonstrate compliance, and provide validity to third-party auditors. CastTRAC provides peace-of-mind to businesses by protecting them from this growing security threat and unlawful, accidental, or negligent data breeches.

CastTRAC provides businesses with cost-effective and secure solutions that mitigate data security risks, support compliance, and protect brand identity and reputation including:

  • Secure, chain-of-custody process
  • Support for hard disk drives, tape, and other media
  • Third-party audited documentation
  • Certified disposal and recycling
  • Data sanitization certification and compliance

For best results in managing all phases of your company’s IT life cycle process, Castaway also offers CastTRAC Enterprise for in-house IT departments and CastTRAC IT for IT professionals and businesses such as Managed Service Providers (MSP), systems integrators, IT consultants, and value-added resellers (VARs).

Our Data Security Services Include:

  • Closed-loop process
  • 100% documented
  • Tracking information
  • Certified data destruction
  • Onsite and offsite services
  • Financial reporting
  • Adherence to laws and regulations

It is our top priority to guarantee all of our clients receive data security services that protect and secure their company and their reputation during the end of the IT lifecycle process. The CastTRAC program follows a strict process for data destruction that adheres to laws and regulations and gives clients peace-of-mind through well-detailed reporting and certification.

Do you have a question or challenge concerning data destruction or the security of your IT assets at the end-of-lifecycle stage?

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Castaway is dedicated to providing world-class data sanitization and physical destruction services to our clients. Our relationship with NAID, The National Association for Information Destruction, demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards and ethics in the data destruction industry.