Implementing ITAD Across Multiple Company Sites

By Castaway Tech | October 29, 2021



Large organizations with multiple locations across the country often discover that local vendors operate differently with disparate outcomes. This can be a real hassle to manage, particularly for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and electronics recycling where there’s risk of audits and fines.

Issues with Local Vendors

Local vendor problems can arise when they dispose or recycle your IT equipment without following the required operation and reporting standards. Compliance requirements cover such areas as transportation, equipment testing, data destruction, remarketing, de-manufacturing, recycling, waste management and reporting.

Outsourcing these activities can seem easy. But the problem can be how to properly manage them, which can lead to legal risks, environmental concerns, and unnecessary costs. These situations often occur when the vendor is not properly NAID AAA Certified.

The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) reports, “Selecting a vendor can be the biggest challenge of all. According to recent news articles, there have been many electronics recycling and IT asset disposition companies in the past several years who have gone bankrupt, been indicted for fraud, tax evasion, illegal storage and illegal export of equipment.” And they go on to say, “It is important to look at firms that adhere to Best Practices of the ITAD industry. These are companies dedicated to removing data and environmental risks inherent in final disposition of end-of-life equipment.”

So, how do you ensure your ITAD needs are met consistently at every facility? The solution is to have one vendor who can manage ITAD for the entire organization under one roof.

Benefits of Centralized ITAD

Centralized ITAD removes the challenge of capturing and compiling all the detailed information about retired assets. Using independent IT disposition services in different parts of the country will likely produce inconsistent results.

In some instances, the-chain of-custody data may not even be collected. However, managing ITAD requirements and processes centrally can provide significant benefits to your organization from coast to coast. These include consolidation efficiencies and improved service levels.

To ensure you have consistent ITAD services, work with an experienced professional organization that has a centralized ITAD solution and is NAID AAA Certified – the “gold standard” in data destruction qualifications and best practices.

Nationally Certified Best Practices

As a NAID AAA Certified company, Castaway Technologies is a recognized national leader in ITAD services. The company partners with other NAID AAA Certified ITAD logistics professionals across the country to provide the same qualified services “under one roof” no matter where your facility is located. These IT service companies and ITAD vendors exemplify a commitment to excellence in technology and reliability to better serve a company’s total IT lifecycle needs from beginning to end.

Castaway further supports these partners with the tools they need to provide consistent services to your organization including our complete Chain-of-Custody and data sanitization solutions.

Implementing a centralized system for capturing and managing offline IT asset data provides several advantages to you, such as being able to:

  • Reduce expenditures
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Maximize value recovery
  • Conveniently access retired/offline asset data
  • Improve security
  • Properly respond to audit inquiries

A centralized ITAD solution means that you only need one vendor for the whole country. It makes the job much simpler. And these days, what could be better than easy and simple?

For further information about centralized ITAD services for your multi-location company, give us a call at (978) 208-4730 or contact us online.

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