i-SIGMA Renews Castaway Technologies’ NAID AAA Certification

By Castaway Tech | August 13, 2021

The Castaway Team did it again!  i-SIGMA, the leading global trade organization and credentialing body for information security, just recertified Castaway Technologies with its NAID AAA Certification. This designation is the “gold standard” in data destruction qualifications and best practices.

Unannounced, comprehensive audits of our facilities and work practices by i-SIGMA representatives demonstrated Castaway’s full compliance with all critical aspects of safe hardware handling and data security. Following the latest audit, our NAID AAA Certification was forthrightly renewed.

Team Shout Out

This quality control accomplishment is the direct result of our employees’ efforts to maintain industry-specified best practices in data destruction and electronics recycling. It’s important to recognize that continuous training, conscientiously following best practices and employee accountability need to be exercised daily for an organization to receive the NAID AAA Certified credential.

We are extremely grateful to every Castaway team member for their crucial role and hard work in helping our firm remain New England’s leader in secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services.

To be quite frank, the qualification requirements are extremely rigorous and demanding! But the reality is, if these stringent rules were followed by every business in the data handling and destruction industry, fewer data breaches would occur and identity theft risk would be greatly reduced. Fortunately, the NAID AAA Certification is your assurance of working with a safe and reputable electronics recycler and ITAD service provider.

What NAID AAA Certification Means for You

Global and national data protection regulations require many types of businesses to perform initial due diligence and continuous monitoring of data destruction service providers. Requiring NAID AAA Certification® of your data destruction service providers fulfills your organization’s regulatory obligation.

NAID AAA Certification requirements are designed specifically to verify & monitor regulatory compliance and security best practices so you can relax knowing the Castaway team has you covered.

More About NAID

NAID, a division if i-SIGMA, is the recognized standards-setting organization for the information destruction industry. Their rigorous standards and auditing process supports businesses and institutions around the world by helping them meet compliance with the laws and regulations that mandate the protection and confidentiality of customer information.

Castaway Technologies is pleased to partner with NAID so that our clients can rest assured of their regulatory compliance for every IT asset entrusted to our care for data destruction and recycling.

If you have questions about the security of the data on your offline or discarded electronics, contact us online or call to speak with an ITAD expert today at (978) 208-4730.

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