IT Professionals

Do you know exactly what happens to your equipment and all its critical components when it gets unplugged or goes offline? One critical mistake or mishandling of your IT assets could potentially cost your company a lot of money or even put it out of business. As an IT professional, you carry a lot of responsibility for protecting your firm’s sensitive data and that may even include the personal data of employees, customers and suppliers accessing your network. With today’s electronics, if you can power it on, it probably captures and contains data.

Premium ITAD Service Performance

Castaway makes the ITAD function of your job much easier! Our proven chain-of-custody and documentation processes assure you of proper IT asset handling along with our certified hard drive destruction and data sanitation services. Simply stated, we do everything for you. Any electronic devices you can point to, we will safely remove.

Our chain-of-custody documentation is second to none because we include more details of what happens to your assets and their components the moment they go offline.

Certified R2 Recyclers and e-Stewards

The R2 Standard is the premier global environmental, worker health and safety standard for electronics refurbishing and recycling. We proudly operate under R2:2013 best practices guidelines. Any e-waste processed by Castaway Technologies goes to certified R2:2013 vendors for processing and documentation.

We have your ITAD needs covered!

Castaway is committed to serving IT Professionals as their trusted partner in safely and securely managing the end of electronic equipment lifecycles. Consider all that we offer under one roof:

  • Active NAID Member since 2014
  • Highly Customized, Solutions-based ITAD Service Provider
  • $11 Million Dollar General Liability Policy
  • Portable Hard Disk Drive Shredder
  • Utilize ADISA certified erasure software for sanitizing/erasing Hard Disk Drives that are fully compliant with industry standards of NIST 800-88 rev. 1 and DoD 5520.22-M
  • All employees undergo Employment History Verification, Criminal Record Search and Drug Screening. All must sign a Confidentiality Agreement and I-9 forms.
  • All drivers and trucks are DOT compliant.
  • Facility includes a monitored alarm system and an advanced CCTV system.
  • Extensive written policies and procedures – everything gets documented.
  • Company uniforms and I.D.’s are required for all employees.
  • Experienced Operations/Logistics Team specialized in working on client premises
  • Flexible scheduling including 24×7 when necessary based upon client or landlord requirements
  • Extensive reporting and certificates provided for 3rd party validation and auditing purposes
  • Full-service packaging and removal – clients are hands-off, no prior inventory/item list is necessary.
  • Responsive and dedicated client support
  • Dependable scheduling and timely turnaround for all projects (48 hours – 10 business days).