Facilities Managers

Running your commercial or institutional facility responsibly includes managing all of the waste and recycling requirements.  Fully compliant e-Waste recycling and disposal are among the greatest challenges in most enterprises today because of the sheer volume of electronics in use as well as tightening regulations at every governmental level.

As a Facility Manager, you have a growing responsibility to safely and efficiently manage the end of the IT lifecycle process. And these days, you want documentation of compliance for your IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) procedures.  Castaway Technologies is your total ITAD solution provider, enabling you to run the vital needs of your organization’s facilities so the company can operate every day.

Data Protection Unplugged and Offline

If yours is like most enterprises, your network and online data are protected. Your IT department makes it a high priority. But once the equipment and devices get unplugged or go offline, all that stored, sensitive data must be safely destroyed. Can you account for every single device with data left on it and how it gets removed? Can you provide a documented chain of custody?

Let the data destruction and removal specialists at Castaway simplify the end of the IT lifecycle and help you keep your facility running smoothly.